Hi, I'm Nemanja Karadzic.

A The senior full stack developer.

Work experience

Directly employed

2012 - 2023
Future Forward Tech Group
Software developer1
2011 - 2012
ates International (GmbH in Gründung)
Senior PHP developer
2009 - 2011
Intercasa ambienta d.o.o.
PHP developer

Freelance / Outsourcing

2021 - 2021
Sunny Side Up Ltd.2
Senior PHP developer
2020 - 2023
Backyard Racing GmbH3
Software developer4
2010 - 2018
Pixelmedia As
Full stack developer
2006 - present
Full stack developer6
1 Includes, but not limited to: Full stack developer, DevOps, team lead, software architect, mentor, elder, office handyman.
2 Technically, outsourced from Future Forward Tech Group.
3 Just like 2, but for a different client. And a lot more responsibilites.
4 Pretty much the same as 1 minus mentor and office handyman. Currently.
5 Ie. this thing. Own company, so I get to pick the title myself :)
6 One man army mostly. With some help from time to time, when needed.

Notable projects

PropCentral Hospitality portal

Cloud solution for managing smart office buildings. Used to schedule meetings, book rooms, reserve parking spots and resolve tickets.

Team lead, software architect. Developed ~95% of the backend and APIs. Connected third-party software like Skidata, ANPRSystems, Chubb and Wowza.

Provada B.V.

PROVADA is the largest real estate exchange in the Netherlands, held in the RAI Amsterdam, with an attractive three-day program.

Team lead, software architect. Developed complete backend, website, GraphQL API for mobile app and connection to Summit to process tickets purchased for the event.

BYRC Cronjob dashboard

Fully automated application to collect stocks and prices, from numerous suppliers, recalculate them, and update the shop.

Standardized inherited cronjobs, (at least) doubled the number of them, developed an UI for command & control and added easy way to add and setup new cronjobs through the Dashboard. Configured and deployed set of Docker containers to run the app.

Riva Rentals B.V.

Riva Rentals offers: Apartments, houses, properties, short and long stay. (Un)furnished rentals in Rotterdam or find your own.

Originally developed from scratch, updated big time three times so far. Pretty much all of the backend and CMS developed. Custom search engine and connection to few Dutch real estate portals.

The Insulcon group

The Insulcon Group is specialised in heat management solutions, that save energy and increase the control and reliability of our customers' processes.

Second iteration of the website. Fully developed first one, co-developed current (which is more than an update than an upgrade).

Zorg Paspoort

An in-house built application to help people with disabilities track their caretakers visits and doctors appointments.

DevOps role. Configured and deployed a swarm of Docker containers to run the app, and make sure it runs smoothly.

Nutricia touch app

Nutricia offers nutritional solutions that positively impact the health from early life and onwards into old age.

Planned and developed a backend for Narrowcasting touch app. Jumped through some hoops to correctly render/position non-rectangular shapes in HTML and optimize for CastIT.

FFWD Ticket system

An in-house solution for submitting clients' tickets, either via the portal of dedicated e-mail address.

Started as a challenge, can a backend developer single-handledly develop a ticket system. AngularJS didn't have a version number back then. Reads emails. Used since 2013. Updated few times so far.

HB Truckwash B.V.

A cloud app for the Europe's smartest truck wash - nobody likes to wait and that is why it is now possible to book online.

Refactored invoice generation to support ad-hoc periods (per company and/or wash company). Mentored a team to develop in-detail stats of trucks washed, programs used and income generated.

Portstream B.V.

Portstream is strong in optimizing traditional means of communication and the transformation to digital applications, applications and cloud solutions.

Worked with designer of the website to make website fully customizable from CMS, including custom blocks, styling and many more.

1 Behind whitelist firewall. Not publicly available.
2 Narrowcasting touch application. Not publicly available.


MySQL / MariaDB
* If something isn't listed above, that either means I didn't find it particularly important, forgot to include it... Or can be learned quickly, if/when needed.


Started with HTML and JS as a hobby in the early 2000s, and jumped on the PHP wagon around the time servers were updated from PHP3 to PHP4 and $this became a reserved word. Worked my way up from simple image galleries, through custom CMSs, various frameworks, and template engines to the point when planning and developing large systems is a routine. Team player, but I can also work as an one-man army.

Fluent in English. Understand French, if you speak not that fast. Dutch... sometimes. Mostly if written. And if big G is there to help me. Despite the prejudice, no Klingon.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing futsal/football. Mainly futsal. Occasionaly, basketball, although I suck at it :) except rebounds. Also, a weekend woodworker with a keen eye for the details. Unlike regular hours, in all three areas - a beauty lies in imperfection. Or improvisation. Or both.