Karadjordjevo, Serbia

Establishment "Karadjordjevo" was founded in 1885, as a state property of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, i.e. a stud farm within the well known Hungarian "Mezöhegyes" horse farm. As a result of rare vegetative and animal species, one part of Karadjordjevo is protected as a Special natural reserve.

The hunting ground is located 321 km south of Budapest (HU), 11 km south of Subotica (SRB) 75 km west of Novi Sad (SRB), 764 km north of Thessaloniki (GR), 140 km North West of Belgrade (SRB) and 219 km south west of Timisoara (RO). All roads towards and on the hunting ground are new and well built.

Total surface is 4.520 ha, of which 4.124 ha are fenced in.
There are luscious oak woods, acacias and willows which hide a great number of high and low game of trophy value.

Constantly grown kinds of game are: Red deer, Virginian deer, wild boar, roe deer, mouflon, pheasant, hare, wild goose and mallard, all in offer for hunting tourism.

We offer you the possibility to have a specific hunt for each kind of game and for that purpose we offer horse carriages, sleds, terrain vehicles and other equipment.

In its history, hunting ground "Karađorđevo" has achieved top trophy results like with mouflon 242 points - world champion, badger with 24 points - world champion, fallow deer with 210 points, American deer with 419 points - state champion, depot deer with 232 points and boar with 137 points. These results ranked hunting ground "Karađorđevo" among the top hunting grounds in our country.

On these hunting grounds we offer organizing the hunt on pheasants which are large in number considering that these hunting grounds have its own pheasantry.

Within the hunting ground, the following accommodation is available: hunting house "Dijana" hunting center "Vranjak" and restaurant "Karađorđevo".