Jaruge, Serbia

Hunting ground is next to the Tisa River; therefore vegetation is different and rich. This ambience is ideal place for deer game which is numerous on these hunting grounds. Large surface covered with crop and sunflower is a great home for quail and turtle dove making it an excellent terrain for hunting with the help of good dogs, which gives hunters real satisfaction. We offer fall hunting where you will be able to hunt rabbit and pheasant at the same time.

Hunting ground „Jaruge"is located in Vojvodina, Middle-Banat region, Novi Bečej district.

This hunting ground is under the husbandry of Hunting Association „Novi Bečej". It is located on the hunting grounds of "Northern Banat". The headquarters of the association is in Novi Bečej.

Hunting ground is located 258 km south of Budapest (HU), 80 km south of Subotica(SRB), 70 km north east of Novi Sad (SRB), 773 km south of Thessaloniki (GR), 125 km north of Belgrade(SRB) and 89 km west of Timisoara(RO). All roads towards and on the hunting grounds are new and well built.

Hunting association „Novi Bečej" is a member of hunting association of Vojvodina. The association has got 493 active members.

Total hunting ground's surface is 60.745 hectares and it is a lowland type.

On the hunting ground the features are as follows: 9 stake houses, 266 feeders for fallow deers, 237 saltlicks, 19 troughs, 245 feeders for small game, pheasant shelter (0.25 ha). The association owns four hunting lodges and two hunting houses.

Constantly grown kinds of game are roe deer, wild boar, hare, pheasant and grey partridge.

Hunting tourism's offer are roe deer, hare, pheasant, quail, turtle dove, EA collared dove and mallard.